Fall Fragrance Inspiration For 2021

Is it just us or does Autumn bring up all sorts of conflicting emotions? Naturally, we’d love to spend all our days sipping mixed drinks by a pool in a perpetual state of “forever summer” but we also have a deep love for layering, chai lattes and brisk fresh air. Since we can’t have both seasons at once, we’ve decided to embrace the changes and all the beauty a new season can bring!

Prep your Fall palettes, channel those sweet vanillas, balmy bourbons, cozy spiced ambers, and welcome Fall in all it’s delicious glory! Enjoy rich, warm, deep accords filled with oriental, gourmand and elegant aromatic Autumn combinations.

Looking For Fall Scents? Scroll For This Seasons Fragrance Inspirations!

Men Autumn Fragrance :

Autumn Nights

"Aromatic Fougere"

Accords: Woody, Warm, Powdery, Fresh Spicy, Musky

Main Notes: Cinnamon | Lavender | Amber

Thanksgiving Dinner

“Spiced Amber”

Accords: Warm Spicy , Sweet , Fruity, Fresh

Main Notes: Cinnamon | Pink Pepper | Tobacco | Amber

Costume Party


Accords: Earthy, Fruity, Green, Fresh, Woody, Smoky

Main Notes: Lemon | Lavender | Vanilla

Sweater Weather

“Amber Fougere”

Accords: Leather , Powdery, Woody, Sweet, Musky, Fresh Spicy

Main Notes: Vanilla | Bergamot | Lavender | Amber | Suede

Everyday Fall

“Aromatic Fougere”

Accords: Aquatic, Herbal, Marine, Earthy, Powdery, Fresh Spicy, Woody

Main Notes: Bergamot | Lavender | Iris

Women Autumn Fragrance :

Thanksgiving Dinner

"Amber Floral"

Accords: Woody, Floral, Sweet , Warm Spicy, Earthy

Main Notes: Cinnamon | Rose | Honey | Oak

Costume Party


Accords: Warm Spicy , Woody , Fresh, Fruity, Floral, Musky , Sweet

Main Notes: Mandarin Orange | White Florals | Amber | Cashmere

Sweater Weather

"Floral Woody Musk"

Accords: Herbal , Floral, Powdery, Fresh, Woody, Musky

Main Notes: Vanilla | Lime | Violet | Iris | Sandalwood

Night Out

“Floral Woody Musk”

Accords: Fruity , Powdery, Woody, Sweet, Floral , Musky, Warm Spicy

Main Notes: Vanilla | Bergamot | Mandarin Orange | Patchouli

Everyday Fall

“Amber Fougere”

Accords: Sweet , Floral , Powdery

Main Notes: Vanilla | Lavender | Bergamot | White Florals | Amber

Unisex Autumn Fragrance :

Sweater Weather

"Woody Amber"

Accords: Woody, Sweet, Fresh Spicy

Main Notes: Honey | Bergamot | White Florals | Amber

Costume Party


Accords: Earthy, Powdery , Woody, Floral , Musky , Fresh, Soft Spicy

Main Notes: Iris | Pink Pepper | Amber | Sandalwood

Thanksgiving Dinner

"Spiced Amber"

Accords: Warm , Fresh, Woody, Soft Spicy

Main Notes: Cinnamon | Rum | Ginger | Nutmeg

Night Out


Accords: Fruity , Warm Spicy , Woody, Sweet, Floral, Fresh

Main Notes: Lemon | Bergamot | Vanilla | White florals | Cedar

Everyday Autumn

"Spiced Amber"

Accords: Woody, Powdery, Mossy, Warm Spicy, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Earthy, Musky

Main Notes: Cedar | Moss | Maple | Nutmeg | Carrot Seeds | Cardamom | Pink Pepper