New Year's Eve & Holiday Party 2022 Perfume Guide

If you’re reading this – congratulations! You’ve managed to find 5 minutes throughout all the hustle and bustle of this time of year for yourself, (it’s called “me-time” and you deserve it). Between cooking for family dinners, last minute shopping, vacation preparation or planning how to impress at this year’s company party; who has time to worry about what scent to wear for New Year’s Eve, am I right?!

We figured you might be a little busy, so we’ve curated a list of some fabulous New Year’s Eve Worthy Fragrances for all your party plans.

Check out our top perfume & cologne picks to complete your evening looks, holiday dinners, work parties or weekend getaway needs!


“Life Of The Office Party”


Let your colleagues see just how fun & fabulous you really are with a very good, very seductive floral fragrance.

Accords: Fruity, Rose, Vanilla, Fresh, Tropical, Soft Spicy, Sweet, Aromatic, Woody, Earthy

“Queen Of The Night”


Dazzle and excite any crowd this New Year’s Eve with a mysterious oriental woody elixir fit for royalty.

Accords: Oud, Rose, Warm Spicy, Woody, Leather, Fresh Spicy, Patchouli, Musky, Aromatic, Floral

“Holidate Night”


Sensual, sweet, and full of desire; be sure to delight on date night with this deliciously gourmand dessert perfume.

Accords: Sweet, Citrus, White Floral, Fruity, Musky, Powdery, Vanilla

“Hostess With The Mostest”


Be the Bell Of The Ball with an elegant floral fusion of velvety textures and charm.

Accords: White Floral, Tuberose, Rose


“Work Party Romeo”


Make a statement and impress your colleagues at this year’s work party with this lavish and exhilarating woody mixture.

Accords: Woody, Warm, Powdery, Fresh Spicy, Musky

“The All Nighter”


Finally, a cologne that matches your electric personality; This spicy aromatic blend is built for a night to remember!

Accords: Aromatic, Warm Spicy, Woody, Fresh Spicy, Lavender, Citrus, Herbal

“Mr. Mistletoe”


Keep your loved ones as close as possible with a warm vanilla leather combination that is simply impossible to resist!

Accords: Vanilla, Leather, Balsamic, Aromatic, Warm Spicy, Woody, Nutty, Animalic, Powdery, Smoky

“Home For The Holidays”


Embrace and be embraced by this cozy woody, spiced floral mix for a night in with family and friends this NYE.

Accords: Woody, Warm Spicy, Powdery, Iris, Fresh Spicy, Cacao, Aromatic, Earthy, Violet


“Master Of Celebration”


Liven up the party with a magical, refreshingly warm coco vanilla tonic that truly captures the holiday spirit!

Accords: Sweet, Vanilla, Coconut, White Floral, Yellow Floral, Marine, Woody, Powdery, Aromatic, Lactonic

“Nighty Night NYE”


Say a sweet goodbye to the last night of 2021 with this cheerful gourmand vanilla blend.

Accords: Vanilla, Woody, Citrus, Aromatic, Earthy, Powdery, Sweet, Amber, Soft Spicy, Mossy

“Mingle All The Way”


Take on 2022 with a luscious, intoxicating, opulent almond tonka bean arrangement.

Accords: Vanilla, Amber, Sweet, Almond, Warm Spicy, Balsamic, Aromatic, Nutty, Fruity

“House Party Homebody”


Keep calm and party on! Luxurious, seductive smokey notes with deep wood and leather accords create an elegant, centered scent.

Accords: Woody, Amber, Leather, Smoky, Balsamic, Warm Spicy