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BYREDO Palermo Eau de Parfum Unisex

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About the Fragrance

In the ancient Mediterranean city of Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, the orange trees that Berber and Moorish emirs planted long ago still grow. Their bergamot and bigarade fruits light up Byredo's Palermo, a scent as close to olfactory happiness as you can get, a perfume played in the highest, brightest keys.

Palermo's citrus grove sits alongside a rose garden, its rose bushes greened up in spring with the smell of crushed orange tree leaves and sliced fruits: lemon, lime, grapefruit, and maybe even aromatic pomelo. In its opening, an effervescent freshness of citrus juice is layered with cut citrus rinds, their zest oils conveying a more intense richness, bitterness, and spice.

During your walk in the garden, as the sun warms your skin, a warm musk rises up, slightly powdery, softening the bracing freshness of the hesperidic top notes of Palermo and helping the freshness to linger with the warmth. This is a unisex fragrance perfect for warmer months.

Palermo  Notes

Sicilian bergamot, bigarade, fresh rose absolute, skin musk, ambrette flower

Scent Intel

Scent Accords: , , , , ,
Top Note: Petitgrain, Citruses, Bergamot
Heart Note: Musk, Rose
Base Note: Ambrette (Musk Mallow)
Release Year: 2010
Gender: Unisex
Brand Category: Niche
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Season: ,
Day or Night:
Country: Sweden

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