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Clive Christian E for Men Gourmand Oriental With Sweet Clove Parfum for Men

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About the Fragrance

Clive Christian’s E for Men Gourmande Oriental with Sweet Clove is the gourmand to end all gourmands. Are you a coffee lover? Well, this smells like the best cup of coffee you’ve had in your life. Imagine walking through miles of frozen tundra to a small, cozy log cabin, whereupon you’re handed a cup of dark, rich coffee stirred with a maple leaf and sweetened slightly with rough brown sugar. In a nutshell, that’s just how warm, intense, and inviting this fragrance is.


E- Gourmande Oriental  Notes

rum, osmanthus, labdanum, cade, clove, cinnamon, oak, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla, caramel, maple

Scent Intel

Scent Accords: , , , , , ,
Top Note: Cloves, Clary Sage
Heart Note: Ylang-Ylang, Rose Oil
Base Note: Sandalwood
Release Year: 2017
Gender: Masculine
Brand Category: Niche
Concentration: Parfum
Season: ,
Day or Night:
Country: United Kingdom

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