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Decantx DIY Box Kit - 3pcs Premium Decant Atomizer Kit

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Red - Blue - Black Atomizer
Black - Gold - Silver Atomizer
Red - Black - Gold Atomizer
Blue - Black - Silver Atomizer
Red - Gold - Silver Atomizer
Blue - Gold - Silver Atomizer
Red - Blue - Gold Atomizer
Red - Blue - Silver Atomizer
Red - Black - Silver Atomizer
Blue - Black - Gold Atomizer
3 Black Atomizer
3 Silver Atomizer


The DIY Box Kit-

Do Your Decant with the Decantx DIY Box Kit!

Make your own decant sample fragrances with our DIY kit. We have compiled all the necessary components and options for the various decanting methods together in one easy to use, efficient and cost-effective kit for you to maximize your spray.

Decantx has created the perfect “do it yourself” box with all the tools and supplies needed to create your own sample sized formats wherever you are. Whether you need to travel with your favorite fragrances or want to share your perfumes with friends and family, we got you covered.

This kit includes:

  • Atomizers – 5ml or 10ml Colored Atomizers. (3 Piece)
  • Spray Nozzle – Spray Method. Best for sealed perfume bottles. Remove current spray top from perfume bottle and replace with our Spray Nozzle. Position Spray Nozzle into open Atomizer and spray to fill. (3 Piece)
  • Funnel – Pour Method. Best for opened perfume bottles or other samples. Place Funnel into place on the Atomizer and carefully pour contents into Atomizer. (3 Piece)
  • Pipette Pump – Dispensing Method. Best for dispense transferring from open perfume bottles or to adjust amount of fragrance. Place bottom of Pipette Pump into open bottle and pump until desired fill. Transfer fragrance into Atomizer by pumping. (3 Piece)
  • Velour Travel Case – Travel case for one atomizer. (1 Piece)