Perfume & Cologne Trends in 2020 - 2021

Perfume & Cologne Trends in 2020 - 2021

We’ve been noticing some patterns trending in the fragrance world and we’re loving where they’re headed! Have you caught wind of what’s popular these days?

Like every industry- the perfume community also goes through waves of “what’s hot and what’s not”. For example, what was trendy and exciting in the winter of 1999 is different from what was popular in the winter of 2019. While the economy and people’s priorities shift, there’s a need for more sustainable ingredients, and a desire for more natural, pure scented fragrances that make for gender-neutral options, as well as additional attention in regard to companies making eco-friendlier marketing choices.

There is a higher demand for upscale, niche luxury brands and fragrances with complex combinations that are outstanding instead of overwhelming. It’s clear that consumers want quality over quantity and are becoming more and more invested in making better long-term purchasing choices. This year there is a focus on finer, richer, fruitier notes and a desire for new formulas, aromas, and improved packaging possibilities.

Here’s what’s trending:

Greenery Fragrances

Greenery -

Smelling like fresh, clean, and completely green foliage has always been delightful but as of late it has also become a go to scent profile for men and women. Perhaps it’s all the love and appreciation we feel for nature after being in quarantine that makes us want to be as crisp as the leafy green foliage we enjoy smelling so much!


 Worn Leather Fragrances

Worn Leather -

The essence of leather was always a barber shop exclusive made to give men that new car kind of clean. However, with such growing interest in this coveted scent profile it has finally crossed over, transferring out of the solely masculine world and into new territory! There are now various combinations of leathery greatness for everyone to enjoy!


Juicy & Fruity Fragrances

Juicy & Fruity -

Deliciously juicy and edible fruit notes are back and better than ever. It seems like everyone’s feeling a need for some mouthwatering aromas and clearly, we can’t get enough either! What’s not to love about sweet mandarins, opulent cherries and succulent peaches?! These irresistibly yummy and well harvested blends are becoming more and more exciting with many different brands trying their hand at juicer and fruiter combinations.


Cannabis Fragrances

Cannabis –

Cannabis , Hemp, Marijuana, Ganja (to name a few) has become the latest scent profile to experiment with. The smell is a smoky, aromatic, herby, green scent with some earthy bitterness that lends a distinct flavor to any blend. This special resin has become a coveted ingredient among the community, and we suspect it will continue to grow in popularity.


Raw Substance Fragrances

Raw Substance -

This scent profile is made up of an earthy, vegetal essence that is wonderfully warming, cool, full bodied and naturally hearty. Falling into the category of “green” this raw vegetation aroma is unique and less green foliage and more of that mushroom, legume, and root plant fragrance.


Aromatic Coffee Fragrances

Aromatic Coffee -

Although it is not exactly a new fragrance note to play with, we have found that the forever famous coffee blend has been reinvented. New formulas with unexpected combinations have been introduced taking the old and creating exclusive and superior mixtures.